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DOTLAN 1.2.4, WCG Online Qualifier *

DOTLAN 1.2.4, WCG Online Qualifier
Samstag, 01.07.2006 19:03
A new version of the DOTLAN Intranet is available. Several functions and modules has been fixed and updated. A changelog with detailed information is included.

One of the important changes is the improvement of the catering administration which has become easier and faster to use (with new icons). It is also possible to transfer the money back to the account of the user if you cancel a paid order. New features in the presentation system allow the admin to show images or flash movies saved in the media database as fullscreen slides. This is the easiest way to make a slideshow of the logos of your sponsors with a few mouse clicks. Users of the internet explorer will have the possibility to use page transition effects, like fading from one slide to the next one. All other changes are listed in the following ChangeLog.

In this moment the World Cyber Games Online Qualifier for this year's WCG National Finals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will start. The WCG use the DOTLAN Tournament System to organize their online tournament as the year before. Last year over 2000 participants demonstrated the performance and flexibility of the DOTLAN Tournament System. The winners of the national finals will represent Germany on the grand finals this year in Monza (Italia).

More information:
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ChangeLog DOTLAN 1.2.3a -> 1.2.4 
[NEW] Article/News: WYSIWYG editor (FCKeditor) added
[NEW] Beamer: Easier beamer template (basic design)
[NEW] Beamer: Per beamer/view a different template can be used
[NEW] Beamer: Preview for single presentation slides
[NEW] Beamer: Show images/flash saved in the MediaDB (Fullscreen optional)
[NEW] Beamer: Page transition effects, for example: fade, pixelate (IE only)
[NEW] Beamer: Tournament results: Selectable: show all or only current results/games
[NEW] Catering: improved overview and usability in the catering order administration
[NEW] Catering: Selectable: transfer money back when you'll cancel an already paid order
[NEW] Event: Remove event participants (as admin)
[NEW] Forum: The board category will be shown in the board title
[NEW] Seating plan: Print-View: Show different icons for free/reserved seats
[NEW] Gallery: UnsharpMask filter to improve the quality of the thumbnails
[NEW] Tourney: In the group mode the result difference will be used additionally if both
players have the same score. Similar to the goal difference in the soccer league.
[NEW] Tourney: In the group mode: Selectable home-and-away playtype (every match has to
be played twice)

[FIX] Event: Lansurfer XML Import fixed
[FIX] i18n: Updated and renamed gettext language files
[FIX] RSS: Fixed a URL failure in the backend.php (news rss feed)
[FIX] Tourney: After the enter the result you'll be redirected to the group contest list
[FIX] Tourney: Fixed the transfer of the winners in group/se preliminary mode
[FIX] Tourney: The league export will check that every LeagueID is unique
[FIX] Tourney: Some small changes in the WWCL export
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