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New DOTLAN Version available *

New DOTLAN Version available
Montag, 23.10.2006 23:46
A new version of the DOTLAN Intranet is available. Several functions and modules has been fixed and updated. A changelog with detailed information is included.

The tournament system has received several enhancements: You can assign defaults maps to every round which will be played, with the new tournament type "Group Highscore" it's possible to play racing games in groups, where for example you've groups of 4 players and 2 of them get the ticket to the next round (and so on). Teams have now the possibility to upload their teamlogo and add a team description. The new ranking and team view show these information and the avatar of each player.

More information:
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ChangeLog DOTLAN 1.2.4 -> 1.2.5
[NEW] E-Mail: phpmailer class allows sending emails over smtp
[NEW] Catering: Entrance management allows use for catering-only-admins
[NEW] Tournament: you can assign default maps to each round
[NEW] Tournament: possibility to group tourneys on a index-page
[NEW] Tournament: group-mode allows more then 16 players per group
[NEW] Tournament: minimum player limit decreased to 3 players
[NEW] Tournament: new ranking view which shows more information including logo/pics
[NEW] Tournament: new team view that shows the avatar of each player
[NEW] Tournament: ranking for highscore tournaments included
[NEW] Tournament: more team information (Logo, Webpage, Description, and more)
[NEW] Tournament: added the possibilty to add a time for pausing between the matches
[NEW] Tournament: new tournament mode "Group Highscore" perfect for racing games
[NEW] Vote: Select the top-vote for the voting box on the right side
[NEW] Vote: Use votes in the normal content area of the webpage

[FIX] User: Not activated user could use the password reminder
[FIX] Catering: Buttons didn't work with the Internet Explorer
[FIX] E-Mail: Problems with missformated text emails fixed due usage of phpmailer
[FIX] Event: LANsurfer Import modified
[FIX] Board: Number of postings has been counted wrong sometimes
[FIX] BoardCode: [flash] Tag removed due CrossSite Scripting Security possibilities
[FIX] Entrance: Error Messages could redirect the user out of the entrance system
[FIX] Entrance: LeetRegexpSearch activated for "new users" and "search users"
[FIX] Entrance: Errors on not activated events
[FIX] LPde Update: NuSOAP Class renamed to conflict with the build in soap of PHP5
[FIX] Session: SetCookie modified to extend httponly (Cookie Enhancement in IE)
[FIX] Tournament: Fixed ranking with only 3 players
[FIX] Vote: Error while deleting an answer.
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