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Black Mamba
21.04.2007 um 15:29 QuoteProfileSend PM

Clan: CRY
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Hi, I have a problem with user registration on my Dotlan website. When a user try to register the site does not send email confirmation; sometimes it sends the email, but the most of the time I have to activate the account manually...
This is my config.php:

$global['email'] = "CRYMANIA <>";
$global['mail']['method'] = "smtp";
$global['mail']['smtp_host'] = "";
$global['mail']['smtp_username'] = "";
$global['mail']['smtp_password'] = "**********";

23.04.2007 um 22:03 QuoteProfileSend PM


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If you choose smtp als mail transport service, you should check the logfile of the corresponding mail server, if you've access to this possibility. i don't have any log files about failures of smtp trys.

The default and recommanded way is to use the php-mail funktion (config option "mail"). So php uses the mail() command and normally the local mailserver. So you've the possibiltiy of logging.

There are many possibilities of the failures you describe. It could be possible that some mailservers are dropping your email because of the possibilty of spam (if you're sending from a dailup range or your mail address doesn't match to spf records or the server recongnize the content as spam)

There're many problems on the way.
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