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Black Mamba
22.03.2007 um 20:42 QuoteProfileSend PM

Clan: CRY
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Ok, after I configured the site a little bit I tried to add a box with our sponsor in the right side; but, I cannot find the template file where to activate or even put it in! Where is it?
I'm using "default" style, not "dotlan-net3" one...

PS. sorry for my many questions, but I can't find any english readme or FAQ...
22.03.2007 um 22:08 QuoteProfileSend PM


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The Methode how the boxes are defined and the layout will be modeled is configured in the html/styles/<style>.php

You'll find a section where the $leftbox and $rightbox arrays will be filled.

There're two box types. The dynamic and the static boxes. The dynamic boxes are dotlan internal ones (forum, menuboxes, messages, and so on) where output (title, content, visible) will be return during the render process.

Static boxes can be filled with static content like your sponsor boxes.

$rightbox[] = array(FALSE,"Title here","<img ..><br /><img ..>",true);

The order in which the $rightbox will be filled, is the display order.

The other way would be to modify the template content_right.tpl. But remeber: Never modify templates in the default.* folder. If you're planning to create your custom design you should create your own styleset.
1) duplicate html/styles/default.php -> yourstyle.php
2) duplicate stlyes/default.css -> yourstyle.css
3) duplicate folder stlyes/default/ -> yourstyle/
4) create template folder html/templates/yourstyle/

Never copy the default folder!!! only copy those templates which you might want to modify. So you known which templates you've modified if you want to upgrade to newer version and some templates has been changed.
Black Mamba
23.03.2007 um 17:21 QuoteProfileSend PM

Clan: CRY
Postings: 10

thank you
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