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DOTLAN, WCG, Cebit the third *

DOTLAN, WCG, Cebit the third
Sonntag, 18.03.2007 09:47
The third year in a row, the organizers of the WCG 2007 Samsung Euro Championship are using the DOTLAN System for the tournament organisation with success to make this event to something special. The whole area of hall 22 is covered by the WCG Stage, Tournament Area and the booths of their partners to present great esport and everything around it. To make it easy for the players and visitors to follow the current matches and results, DOTLAN makes use of a complete new way to show the tournament progress. Instead of showing boring lists with matches, the visitor takes part on a virtual flight over the tournament tree. The viewport will magnify on each match and result which is defined in the playlist type. You can find the pictures of this virtual flight in the image gallery section.

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