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DOTLAN Intranet 1.2.3a released *

DOTLAN Intranet 1.2.3a released
Sonntag, 19.03.2006 23:36
A new version of the DOTLAN Intranet is available. Several functions and modules has been fixed and updated. A changelog with detailed informations is included.

With the new version the brand-new presentation system which was used at Cebit to manage several projectors, has made its way into the offical release. Improvements to the seatingplan (elements are defined in a xml file) and Support for LGZ tourney export are only 2 of the new features.

The DOTLAN Intranet Server, an out-of-the-box intranet setup for Windows, has been updated also.

More informations:
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ChangeLog DOTLAN 1.2.2 -> 1.2.3a

[NEW] Beamer: complete new presentation system. management of more then one projector
[NEW] Beamer: Change the display order of the beamer modules
[NEW] Event: Participant export extended with Age, Birthday, and Street
[NEW] Seatingplan: New elements: Arrows, Strairs, InfoPoint, Warning
[NEW] Seatingplan: Elements are defined in an XML file.
[NEW] Seatingplan: New MouseOver display information about the user
[NEW] Tourney: Display country flags in the tourneytree
[NEW] Seatingplan: LANLigaExport, LGZ Support added
[NEW] Tourney: LANLigaXML files updated
[NEW] UserOnline: modified to hide searchbots 

[FIX] AdminSupportTools: Updated to support bigger sql exports
[FIX] User: Bug in the clan select field fixed (Clan 0 Bug)
[FIX] Event: Participant Count in the "All Events"-Box fixed
[FIX] Event: Age calculation in the admin participants list fixed
[FIX] Event: MFZ/Ticketbörse updated
[FIX] Event: Calculation error in the eventbar fixed (count orgas)
[FIX] Event: Participant/Page Select fixed, if config(maxlist) < 0
[FIX] Geomap: Rendering of objects out the displayed range fixed
[FIX] PHP5: several php5 errors fixed
[FIX] Mailings: Eventstatus in the mailingsgroups fixed
[FIX] Seatingplan: Error while editing plans without event link fixed
[FIX] Tourney: Error during initialize of the SE/DE tourney fixed
[FIX] several typos fixed
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